I am a pet owner and how your website can help me to find a pet carer? And what should I do?

The answer consists of 2 steps:

Step 1

You register with Bobby the Bulldog. Then you add all the necessary information about your lovely pet with pictures (you should download them), and tell us about your pet's special needs and behavior if any.

Step 2

Choose your membership option and get an unlimited opportunity to contact our ID-checked and trusted pet carers. Now you can choose a pet carer that meets your requirements best from the list available. We recommend you contact at least 2-3 pet carers. Then you organize “Meet and Greet”, make sure that your booking is confirmed and leave your pet in the kind hands of a professional pet carer when you go away.

Are there any paid contents on Bobby the Bulldog platform for pet owners?

     Bobby the Bulldog is a Club and as a member you get member benefits and special discounts, and you can relax, in the knowledge that your pet is always in safe hands at the most desirable and friendly daycare around.

     It is unlimited to contact a pet carer. We additionally welcome you to organize free Meet and Greet(s) with a pet carer and ask all questions about his/her work and work experience.

    Each pet carer determines the rates he or she wants to charge and you should discuss this question if you wish to know the details.

    You can see the lists of the services and their fees on their profiles and what you see is what you pay. There are no more including transaction costs.

    Choose your favorite pet care membership package.


                                    MY SUBSCRIPTIONS (link)

How to find a pet carer?

If you are searching for a dog/cat carer or a sitter for your goldfish you have visited the right platform. 

Seven steps to find your carer: 

1) Enter your postcode or town in the search line;

2) Service: Not certain which one is for you? Check our Services  (link) page;

3) Choose your start and end date (or estimated dates if you're not quite sure yet);

4) click on Find a pet carer;

5) Browse the pet carer profiles and contact 2-3 you like via the chat button and ask all possible questions;

6) Organise Meet and Greet;

7) Confirm your booking with a pet carer.


Now, relax!!!!

How to contact a pet carer?

1. Contact a pet carer using the chat button on their profiles;

2. Enter dates and services;

3. Enter some essential information about your pet (the more, the better!) so the carer can understand what you need.

The profiles do not have any contact information and  ONLY Members can contact the pet carer and exchange their telephone numbers/email addresses/other contact information, and social media) and arrange a Meet and Greet.

We wish to protect the pet carer's privacy and not publicly display those details. They decide which contact details they pass on to you via private message.


Preparing your home for a pet carer visits

Make sure to think about the following:

·       A key handover: You can do this beforehand at your Meet and Greet, leave the key in a secure place for the carer. You can leave them at a neighbour’s house/ meet up for a direct handover;

·       Plenty of pet supplies and pet food - it's a good idea to supply some extra;

·       Enough medication if your pet needs it and clear instructions;

·       Exchange emergency contact with your pet sitter;

·       Important details and numbers: your pet's routine, where cleaning products are kept and other instructions; 

·       Your neighbours, friends and family must know that you have a pet carer coming;

·       Let your regular veterinarian know you will be away, and ask them what they suggest;

·       Exterior doors and windows (lock and let your carer know which windows he/she can open if necessary);

·       Other home instructions for the pet carer if necessary.


Meet and Greet importance

A Meet & Greet: To Be or Not to Be?

This is essential for both parties and detailed agreements. The pet carer needs to get to know you and your pet(s) in person. It is also required to discuss and write what a carer should do in an emergency.

A Meet and Greet is also the best time for you to tell the pet carer everything about your pet and the care. The more details you give the better quality you get. Pay attention to your personal attitude to the carer it always helps to find “your carer” and work with him/her for many years.

We really encourage you to have a Meet and Greet before booking. It always helps a pet carer and a pet owner to discuss everything and be sure they understand each other in the right way.

 You choose your own carer and discuss:

 - walking hours 

 - playing with and feeding your dear pet. 

On your profile My Documents page you will find a template that you and the pet carer can fill in together during the Meet and Greet.

They will guide you when it comes to giving your carer instructions and information about your pet. 

Meet and greet discussions in detail

For pet owners:

What is your pet like? Describe your pet(s) character(s) in detail.

· Active/easy-going/demanding?

· Does your pet have a cage/terrarium, which needs to be cleaned? How often and where are the supplies?

· Does your pet have any peculiarities in behaviour? Lead-pulling, scratching furniture etc.

· Is your dog/cat neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed? 

· Special pet needs? Special medication/feeding/schedule?

· Make sure to describe your pet in detail to the carer

Other details to discuss:

  • Pet carer plans? (Playing, brushing etc.)
  • How long, where and when will pet/dog walks occur if necessary?
  • What does the carer's home look like? Is it pet-proof? Secure fences and gates?
  • The garden territory? Are there any quiet areas where your pet can sleep calmly?
  • What about the surrounding areas - are there nice places (for dog walks)?
  • What items should you bring for your dog? Favourite toys, food, basket, or blanket?
  • Watch how your pet behaves at the carer's home. (Your dog is sniffing around happily, this means the dog is calm and relaxed).
  • Will the carer keep you updated every day (messages, video chat, video messages etc.)?
  • Does the dog walker like your dog? Does your dog feel comfortable when the carer takes the leash?
  • What training techniques does she/he use?
  • Is the walker familiar with dog behaviour in detail?
  • Is training or playing included in the walks?
  • Walks: distance/ time/ surrounding areas? 
  • Rains/hot weather: What a carer should do?

For pet carers:

Think about the following:

· What are the reasons you work as a pet carer?

· Your own pets? What is your experience with pets?

· What would you do in case of an emergency in detail? 

· Any classes or workshops about pet care or first aid?

· Do you have a car? If not, what will you do in an emergency case?

· Contacts? Do you both have an emergency contact(s): a friend/family member?

· What does your regular day look like? Make sure this matches well with your guest's pet needs.


Meet and Greet: Carer’s Home or Neutral Place?

   You can meet up in a neutral place at first. We recommend you have the meeting at your or the pet carer's home.

    The service will take place in the pet owner’s home:

· In this case, you should show the pet carer around, so you know where to find pet food, bedding cleaning supplies or anything else they may need. A carer must meet your pet to find out if they get along well.

    The requested service will take place in the pet carer's home:

· Especially if your pet is a dog a Meet and Greet in the pet carer's home is essential. Your dog needs to meet the carer and all members of the household, both human and animal, to find out if they all get along well.

  Write down your agreements in detail so that both of you are super clear on what to do in different situations.


How do payments work?

After you have had a successful Meet and Greet with your sitter, please hit the "Book" button in the conversation with the sitter to book your service.

As BtheB respects your freedom and time, you pay BtheB only the membership fees. After making a reservation you pay for a pet service directly to your pet carer. Every pet carer can set up their rates, payment schedule, and cancellation policy. You have to discuss all details with your pet carer during Meet and Greet. 

Most importantly, a booking is only covered by Bobby the Bulldog Guarantee if it is confirmed (booked) through the BtheB website or app.

What if I am not satisfied with my pet carer’s services?

       If you have any questions, we recommend that you discuss those with your pet carer and try to find common ground for the purposes of compensation. We've discovered that, if both parties have an open discussion, a lot of misunderstandings should easily be cleared up. In such a situation, video messages and video conversations are also efficient.
Please contact us for help during 24 hours after the booking ends. We'll do everything possible to help you as soon as we know.

What if my pet falls ill or is injured while in the pet sitter’s care?

If it happens, the pet carer will let you know and take the necessary actions. He/she consults a veterinarian immediately.

You should make clear agreements with your pet carer about what to do (emergency). And please, discuss the details or make to-do-list of emergency to discuss all the steps together.

Leave an emergency contact(s) if you cannot be reached and the contact details of your preferred vet. 

Will my pet be insured while in the pet sitter’s care?

Your pet is covered with medical emergencies and veterinary care while in the pet sitter’s care.

For more details, please read Our guarantees (link) or Contact us (link) if you have any questions.


What if my pet falls ill or is injured while in the pet sitter’s care?

If it happens, the pet carer will let you know and take the necessary actions. He/she has to consult a veterinarian immediately.

You should make clear agreements with your pet carer about what to do (emergency), discuss the details or make a to-do-list of emergencies to discuss all the steps together.

Leave an emergency contact(s) if you cannot be reached and the contact details of your preferred vet. 



How to change or cancel a booking?

Good question ..

I am a pet carer and how your website can help me to find pet owners and what should I do?

              When pet owners start looking for a pet carer, they want to find out and analyse information about a pet carer. They trust you to take care of their “unique and precious children” (their pets). They are waiting for a trustworthy pet carer who will do his/her best in every situation. That is why it is essential to cover certain information in your website profile. You should be honest about your preferences and abilities. 

Think about what kind of pets you want to take care of and what you can take care of. Write down a list of “your favourite pets”. It helps you to decide which pets you can do a great job as a pet carer.

You should start with Bobby the Bulldog registration. Your profile must be created. Upload some pictures of yourself, your property (also a backyard if you have it), pictures where you are interacting with pets in various situations, few pictures of nearby parks and neighbourhood to your website gallery collection to help pet owners know all the necessary professional information and become more acquainted with you.

 After that, confirm your verification identity documents to meet our website safety and security terms. You will get a link through your email to verify your ID.

We take our carers’ checking seriously. When you have finished creating your profile and all the required documents are attached, we usually process Bobby's pet carer applications within 48 hours. 


General Profile Information:

 Profile pictures

Your profile picture is among the first things an owner sees online on BtheB, so you should make a great first impression and it is really important. The quality profile picture is the first step to offline communication with pet owners.

  • Pet owners love to see you, especially pictures in which you are with different pets in various situations, such as:
  • Playing/feeding with pets;
  • Regular pet training;
  • On a walk: a beach/forest/park walks;
If you are a professional you should present professional information and at least good-quality pics which present you as a great pet carer with real work experience.

Your Profile information

Please, begin with the standard questions:

Why should pet owners choose you? What pets do you usually take care of? Tell owners about yourself and your preferences.

The next pet owner question is:

Who are you?

  • Your biographical details - age, occupation, your preferences etc.
  • Why do you work as a pet carer?
  • What kind of experience do you have in the pet care sphere?
  • Do you have your own pets now?
  • Have you had pets of your own in the past? What pets?
  • How long are your walks/home visits etc.?
  • Who else lives with you? Do they like pets and can be involved in pet care?
  • What is your home like? Do you have a back garden/yard? Are all the gates safe and secured?
  • Your availability? (24/7 or any other variants);
  • Please include your licence information if you have it;
  • Include pictures of the places where the guest pets can spend time;
  • Do you have a back garden/backyard? 
  • What is the neighbourhood around your home like? All pet owners want to know that the area is safe. That is a good idea to include a few pictures of the nearby beaches/forests/parks etc.


What you should not include in your profile information


It is essential to remember what you should not include in your website profile. For safety reasons, you should never include sensitive personal information in your public website profiles:

  • personal details: phone number, address, email address, social media accounts etc;
  • social security numbers and your personal banking details;
  • your passport picture;
  • your specific location pictures (we never share your address publicly)

When an owner contacts you, you can then share relevant personal information in the safety of a private conversation. You should decide when you share your details with them if you decide to do it. We always respect your privacy.

Each pet carer is always personally responsible for complying with local regulations when offering their services on BtheB.

Now you can receive bookings and payments via the Bobby platform, contact pet owners and make new four-legged friends!

Good luck!


Who can register as a pet carer? Is there an age requirement?

You have to be at least 18 years of age, reliable, and, most importantly, a real pet lover!
If you want to board pets at home, make sure you have the consent (your landlord if you are a tenant) and everyone who lives with you.
A first aid certificate and police check which you can offer to pet owners are also essential to register as a pet carer.


Why is my profile not active?

Good question ..

Why and how should I get verified?

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You are a pet carer: How much should I pay?


Bobby the Bulldog is a Club, and as a member, you get member benefits and special discounts.

If you are a member, It is unlimited for you to contact pet owners. We additionally welcome you to organize free Meet and Greet(s) with pet owners and ask all questions about their pet’s needs.

Set your own service rates that you would like to offer. Please, remember that it can be very efficient to write as many details as possible for your potential four-legged clients.

Take the membership amount into account when deciding how much you want to charge.

Choose your favourite pet care membership package.

                                               MY SUBSCRIPTIONS (link)

Legal requirements: What should I know about them?

Legal requirements are different. And every local council has its own requirements (dog boarding and many others). Your local council always helps with the regulations and rules for pet carers.
Dog walkers should be aware of the schedule: off-lead and on-lead times in local parks, in general.
Please, study licensing requirements in the UK when you offer home dog boarding/day care services. 

Emergency Information for Pet Carers: How to report cruelty to animals

England / Wales 
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to report about someone neglecting/being cruel to an animal.
RSPCA 24-hour cruelty and advice line 
0300 1234 999 
24-hour service 
The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA):
SSPCA animal helpline 
03000 999 999 
7 am to 11 pm 

My rates? How can I determine them?

The BtheB prices for membership are simple. You can determine them to meet your needs as a pet carer.

        The membership fees set by BtheB are your starting point. You are welcome to change your rates at any time. Please note that your rates need to be within a certain range, as they cannot be too low/ high. It’s a good idea to browse the profiles in your neighbourhood to see what average amount for different services you can begin with. You might choose to keep your rates at a minimum when you’re starting, but increase them as you get more pet-caring inquiries.

You should take into account the BtheB membership contribution when you determine the rates.

And please, remember:

-        Your rates depend on your requirements and demand;

-        Begin with the starting point and keep raising your rates on each contract;

-        You should optimize your working hours and benefit from it;

-        If you’re struggling now to get clients with the current rate, your rates might not be reasonable enough and you should take a look at them (the market in general and other pet carer rates in particular);

-        Rates depend on the services (24-hour pet care/ service on holidays/additional pets).


Sitter's cancelation policy


Calendar settings for pet carers

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About pet carer safety

A pet owner booked my services and we haven't met yet. What should I do?

If the booking is a match for you judging from the information available, feel free to accept. You can exchange messages with the pet owner afterward.

You should organize and have a Meet and greet with the pet owner and the pet before the booking. This way you can make sure that it is a good match.

If it turns out not to be a good match, you can always cancel the booking.

Please remember that real professionals have one great professional skill: "Saying no":

·       Aggressive dogs: Your job can be unsafe;

·       Filthy homes/clients were hoarders: a dirty and unsanitary situation is a reason to say "no";

·       "Creepy" clients: if you do not feel comfortable with the client (sexual comment, detailed personal questions and seemed more interested in asking them/these detailed personal questions have nothing in common with your potential job);

·       Neighbourhood (you feel too unsafe or uncomfortable to take the pet-caring job).


Pet carer: What do I do if a guest pet is injured or falls ill?

Good question ..

Pet carer: What should I do in an emergency?

Although the risk of an occurrence is very rare, sometimes unexpected and unavoidable events may occur during a booking. In the case of an emergency, communication is essential. 

For further instructions, please see the following: 

  • You must always have the guest pet owner's contact details and the details of the emergency contact, who you can contact.
  • Please ask for the contact details of your guest dog's veterinary clinic from an owner. 
  • Ensure that a copy is available, together with any relevant medicine or therapy, of the entire animal's medical information, including vaccination and data relating to his microchip.
  • If an emergency presents a risk to human life or property and requires immediate action, the authorities must be informed as soon as possible, such as by calling the police, fire department, or ambulance. Please call the veterinarian immediately or arrange for a visiting pet to be taken care of, if your guest animal is sick or injured and you suspect that it will require veterinary treatment.
  • If the guest pet is lost in your care, please contact your local council with the details of the guest pet's microchip and description. It would be very helpful to go out into the neighborhood talk to neighbors, distribute missing puppy posters, and post them on your community's Facebook pages.
  • As soon as possible, please contact the guest's pet owner and any other emergency contacts. They must be kept up to date with what's going on. Finally, Contact us immediately BtheB, and keep us informed about emergencies Our staff will be available all day to offer advice and help you through a tough time.

I am a pet carer: What should I do if I need to cancel my booking?

Cancelling a booking can cause a huge inconvenience amount for the pet owner. Who is forced to either find a new pet carer or cancel the plans?

It hurts the trust amount. Trust is everything within the BtheB community and you should always be trustworthy and responsible. These qualities are always essential.

        The communication process is not a one-way street, you should remember about other people. They need your work as a pet carer and your professional reputation is also connected with your successful communication before/at and after your work is done.

      We recommend confirming only requests that you feel 100% comfortable with. Once you have confirmed a booking, the pet owners are fully counting on your services.

      We understand that there are cases where a pet carer has to cancel because of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

In such cases, please inform the owner and BtheB immediately.

Please contact BtheB with the following information so we can give a discount to the pet owner for his next service booking or offer alternative pet care:

· Booking number;

· The cancellation reason

Trust and safety

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Any other questions?
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